LED Lighting
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The Lighting Problem

There has been significant advancement in lighting technology over recent decades, as organisations move towards more efficient forms of lighting. However, in many cases, lighting still suffers from significant energy-wasting problems. Incandescent bulbs, fluorescents tubes, compact fluorescents (CFLs) and metal halides have varying degrees of inefficiency; but in all cases have been superseded by Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

The LED Lighting Solution

The range of LED lighting provides the same light, in the same fixtures, at often less than half the cost. Take a T8 for example. A T8 LED simply replaces a 35W standard fluorescent tube and produces the same amount of light while only using 18W of electricity. As soon as the switch is turned back on, a 50% reduction in energy consumption is achieved.

The LED runs cooler than the traditional fluorescent tube and so, if that area is air-conditioned, climate control costs can also be reduced by 5%. The fluorescent tube will in most cases burn out after 10,000 hours. The LIBROS LED lighting has a working life of over 50,000 hours saving the cost of replacement tubes and labour costs for maintenance.

Key Benefits of LED Lighting Include:

  • Simple to install within existing fixtures
  • Savings exceeding 50% often achieved
  • Cool operating temperatures save on air conditioning costs
  • Up to 50 times longer operating life than legacy lighting and guaranteed equal illumination and light quality performance
  • Environmentally friendly, free from toxic materials and ROHS compliant
  • 3-year guarantee on performance
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