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Energy Monitoring System

The most complete energy monitoring & management system in the world​

To control and manage something, one needs to be able to measure it. Energy is invisible, making it difficult to control; that’s why the first step in energy management process is to make energy usage visible and accessible from a single, intuitive dashboard – however large the portfolio.

End-to-end energy management​

We provide a complete package including the hardware and the  software you need to manage energy effectively and save money.


SESLADO M is a professional, real-time energy monitoring solution.It comprises of multi-channel, three-phase metering and sensing hardware with a processing facility designed to gather, summarize, store and transmit accurate energy data from devices on the same local area network to a fully hosted analytics platform in the cloud, making the data accessible from anywhere in the world.

SESLADO M features easy-to-install hardware, intuitive software and an accessible API, without any impact on the operation and guarantees a perfect safety record.

Real-time Energy Display

SESLADO M delivers genuine real-time data enabling energy consumption to be seen second by second facilitating prevention of wastage and making substantial savings and enables checking the effectiveness of energy saving products whose evaluation may be required.


SESLADO Analytics is a web-based, energy diagnostics tool that gives you rich insights into your ‘historical’ energy consumption and the health of your power supply. This can be compared over days, weeks, months or even several years.

Intelligent, flexible & easy to use… Making energy information easy to access and simple to understand. Using your favorite web browser you can do a detailed energy analysis on any equipment, in any building, in any country, at any time… and all from the comfort of your personal computer or mobile device.

Any information displayed in Analytics can be instantly printed off to create a report or downloaded to a spreadsheet for further analysis. The trends and anomalies such as power surges that can lead to peak demand penalties can be picked up from the analytics.

Public Energy Displays

SESLADO M also facilitates public displays of your energy use and management. These displays can be strategically positioned around your building to create awareness among the occupants as to how energy is being used and provide the incentive to change their behaviour because the benefits can be seen in real-time.

SESLADO M Public Displays are an outward demonstration to all – that as an organization – you have made a corporate commitment to reduce your Carbon Footprint. So, in a bid to create awareness so as to promote energy-conscious behaviours, SESLADO M clearly communicates key performance metrics, targets and progress in a visual, accessible manner.

Benefits of SESLADO M​

  • Easily Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%
  • Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
  • Eliminate Out of Hours Waste
  • Prove the Efficacy and ROI of Energy Saving Products and Solutions
  • Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies with Real-time Energy Displays
  • Facilitates Consumption Target Establishment for Continual Reductions with Historical Analysis Tools
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