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Our History


About us

Ignitenergy is specialized engineering company established to offer reliable and cost-effective engineering system solutions and products covering a wide range of applications in the fields of industrial plants, electricity, water & sewage, food & beverages, oil & gas, and commercial buildings which serve the energy saving practices. 
Ignitenergy objective is to understand and satisfy the customer requirements by using industrially proved products from well-known vendors. In its policy, the company assumes the highest standards of work quality that fulfill customer requirements throughout the use of up-to-date technologies.
Ignitenergy power comes from the power of its expert staff that has the expertise and capability to provide specialized engineering system solutions starting from the field instrumentation and up to the operator interface and managerial level applications.  New system installations as well as rehabilitation, replacement, and upgrading of existing systems are all within the scope of ignitenergy services.
Ignitenergy provides its clients with standard services including energy saving system, project management, contract management, system design, components selection, material procurement, panel assembly, control logic applications development, operator interface applications “HMI” development, factory acceptance test “FAT”, delivery at client site, Site Acceptance Test “SAT”, system functional test “Commissioning”, and at site training.
Ignitenergy provides its client with additional optional services such as consultancy, advanced training, system installation, supervisions, maintenance, and after sale services.


Ignitenergy mission is to provide cost-effective, modern, and up to date engineering system solutions to all sectors of industry, power, oil & gas, water &sewage, food & beverage, and commercial buildings.  In addition, to adopt worldwide standards and professional staff to guarantee the success and on time delivery.


Ignitenergy vision is to be the leading engineering system solution provider and system integrator for all sectors in the Middle East and worldwide.

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